With over 20 years of multi-vendor and Open source Database experience as a Database developer, data modeler and architect, over 15 years of that using the Oracle database, Lewis Cunningham is one of a small group of people chosen to be an Oracle Ace Director.

As an ACE Director, Lewis is expected to provide feedback to Oracle and to promote Oracle via user groups and conferences. Lewis has published numerous papers and maintains a very popular blog, An Expert’s Guide to Oracle Technology and a database tutorial site, Database Wisdom.

Lewis is a published author, having written the ultimate guide to the open source PostgreSQL based EnterpriseDB Advanced Server (since renamed Postgres Plus Advanced Server). The book, EnterpriseDB: The Definitive Reference, was the first reference guide available for this open source database.

Lewis’s specialties revolve around anything having to do with databases: data architecture, data modeling, data warehousing, Business intelligence, open source databases, XML databases, replication and cloud computing.

Lewis is a Certified PL/SQL Developer and is a member of the Oracle Developer Tools User Group (ODTUG), Independent Oracle User Group (IOUG), the Suncoast Oracle user Group (SOUG) and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

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  • Bill Conniff says:

    There is one use case for XML that no system currently addresses. It is the case where someone receives a large XML, one gigabyte for example, needs to do a simple XPATH query and they need the result within a few minutes. Until recently, no software could solve this problem. Databases take too long to import the XML and XML editors could not handle large xml. My company offers a solution and perhaps you might wish to check it out. XMLMax is a simple, lightweight, indexing XML editor that can handle any size XML
    with reasonable performance for xpath queries. I think any organization that is databasing XML would have a use for XMLMax.


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