Hilarious Ad/Post Collision

I stopped by my blog today to upgrade the version of wordpress and some plug-ins. On the front page I got this hilarious ad and it seemed to really be appropriate to the very silly post it was shown with.

Geek to Geek Dating

So a geek walks into a bar…..

I wrote a very silly post about a data architect and a biz guy (really silly geek humor) and the ad is “Why order cipro online uk can’t I get a date? Maybe because you’re looking in the wrong place.” Ahahahahaha.

Sorry. That just cracked me up. When I refreshed, I got an ad for ETL software. I have no idea what the relationship between the post and the geek dating ad is but I found the collision amusing.


P.S. Muhahahahahaha. I just did a preview before posting and it was the geek dating ad again. What’s up with that!?!?!?!?!?

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