A few good posts for MySQL and Postgres

Thought I would share a few links that I read this morning. I don’t do a lot of link posts but these three came off my RSS, one after the other, and all three are worth sharing.

The first is Will Oracle kill MySQL? Come on people! I can’t believe people are still stuck on this FUD. Ronald gives some good reasons why that is not likely. The only thing this kind of FUD really does is drive people to Postgres (and that postgres derivative that starts with an E and ends with a DB). 😉 I’m glad Ronald was able to set the record straight.

Speaking of Postgres, here is a link that applies to any modern database. Welcome to the machine. This is a response to the very uninformed, uneducated position that business logic does not belong in the database. While Andrew’s particular situation involved Postgres and PL/pgSQL, his statement “Let the database be good at what it’s good at”, applies to Oracle, MySQL, DB2, SQL Server, etc.

Finally, still on the topic of Postgres, Dave Page has an excellent write up Postgres, Passwords and Installers. If you’ve ever wondered about the postgres user that gets created when you install the database, or about how the service account is configured, this is a tutorial that pretty much explains it all.

I actually ran into the situation he describes about uninstalling postgres and then having a reinstall fail because the password had been changed. c’est la vie.

That’s all I got.

Anyone interested in me sharing links like these when I find them?


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