Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-11

  • DB Geek says: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-04: <!–
    google_ad_client = "pub-4372398370642959";
    /* 468×60, cr… #
  • @craigmullins just reads your march dbta column. Good stuff. Agree with osdb move from easy to complex comment. in reply to craigmullins #
  • Cloud Comments: Comment on Defining Cloud Computing: Part 6 – IaaS by Basant Singh: Rackspace is also a leading Ia… #
  • Cloud Comments: Comment on About by Neha Sharma: Hi,
    I am very impressed with your blog which has some amazing pos… #
  • Cloud Comments: Comment on A quick overview of PuTTY and SSH for AWS Newbies by Daminda: Hi bro,
    Thank you for thi… #
  • Michael Stonebraker?s take on NoSQL. Good read. #
  • Blogged "Agile vs Waterfall" #
  • Blogged "Oracle Coding Standards – Parameter Data Types" #
  • RT @Claudia_Imhoff: So AgileSoftwareDevelopment – how is this different from independent projects doing their own thing? Help me understand. #
  • One of those days. Where am I going? Why am I in this hand basket? #
  • The federal government is a much better parent than you! #
  • @craigmullins hope that's not said with too much can i buy cipro in mexico sarcasm! 😉 in reply to craigmullins #
  • Question for PMs out there, especially in UK. Anyone using prince2 methodology? Likes/dislikes/issues? #
  • Oracle to Outline Strategy for MySQL, april 13th, 8:30am PDT – #
  • @barry_cooper thanks. Just started looking at it and it seemed that way to me, too. in reply to barry_cooper #
  • RT @phpdeveloper:14 Ways to Be the World's Worst Web Project Manager:
    On today Chris Roane has posted… #
  • @datachick if they don't, they have until tuesday to work it out. 😉 in reply to datachick #
  • RT @imjustagoyle: From Inc. Magazine: How to Improve Employee Retention – #
  • Sometimes my job is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Well, more fun than a barrel of monkey poo. Nah, not even that. #
  • @oraclenerd I'm the fastest 2 finger typer you'll ever meet. Not a typist, typer. in reply to oraclenerd #
  • It's looking like today is a "I'm the statue" day. #
  • Installed 11gR2 64bit on my laptop this morning. Install is a bit slicker, a bit painlesser than previous versions. #

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