Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-24

  • DB Geek says: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-17: <!–
    google_ad_client = "pub-4372398370642959";
    /* 468×60, cr… #
  • ODTUG interviewed me: #
  • Filed under better late than never – just got my newhire laptop bag – only 380 days after I started. Nice bag. 😉 #
  • RT @TheOnion: In Focus: Nations Liberals Suffering From Outrage Fatigue #
  • Going to exadata seminar today. Google maps gave me waaaaaay wrong directions. Fortunately, I could tell and got good directions. #
  • @lonnekedikmans what if you change something? Should it autosave? Lose original or do versioning? How many versions? in reply to lonnekedikmans #
  • Agenda for exadata seminar. #
  • Took me 3 minutes to go from work to the seminar. Oops. A tad bit early now. Thought traffic would be much worse. #
  • Having breakfast at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for the Exadata 2 Seminar. #
  • exadata v2 – it's all about IO #exadata #
  • The secret sauce of Exadata V2 is the Sun Exadata Storage Server, Charlie Garry, Oracle Product Managment #
  • exadata v2 is 4 times faster and comes with twice the capacity of v1 #
  • exadata v2 storage – giant pipes, lots of them, less data passing and compression #
  • exadata smart scan filters where clauses on the storage #
  • exadata smart scan = extreme coolness! #
  • exadata smart scan returns the needle, not the hay stack #coolquote #
  • flash cache can use flash cards instead of flash to prevent io bottleneck at the controller card #
  • exadata storage server – 1,000,000 IOPS #
  • Extreme Performance session is covering data warehousing, exadata and obiee. #
  • current session is good coverage of OBIEE on Exadata v2. I need to find the time, somewhere, to spend more time with OBIEE. #
  • Lunch is over. Time for Best Practices for Upgrading to Oracle 11g R2. #
  • @oraclenerd OBIEE and Exadata Rocks!!!!!! in reply to oraclenerd #
  • @rnm1978 As much as I can. I need to pay attention too. 😉 I'll be blogging about it too. in reply to rnm1978 #
  • Via @laurentsch: After months of harassment between Oracle and Europe Commission, the deals got approve… #
  • RT @Oracle: Press Release: European Commission Unconditionally Approves Oracle's Acquisition of Sun #
  • Blogged "Tampa Oracle Exadata Version 2 Tech Day" #
  • A great overview of some Oracle history. Also some great insight into Larry Ellison. #
  • Go Oracle! Awesome memo from the Sun CEO to his employees. #
  • Blogged "An EReader for you?" #
  • RT @FatherKelly: Does Coldplay's music sound any better if you're wearing a dress? Yeah that's probably what I'm doing wrong. #

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