Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-13

  • Blog Talk: Comment by Joe on Microsoft: New and Improved Reduced Functionality #
  • DB Geek says: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-06 #
  • RT @Divorce_Care Explain Divorce to kids:It's not your fault;We'll always be your parents;Change not blame;Things will work out;We love you! #
  • Blog Talk: Comment by singh on Learn Oracle: The Index #
  • cleaned up my facebook. If I dropped you from facebook, it's not personal. Professional contacts can hook up with me on linkedin. #
  • Most obvious news of the day: @foxnews Cops: Man Linked to 9 Murders Had Anger Problems ya think? #
  • Sr. Oracle DBA – Lakeland, FL – $110-120K – RAC and Dataguard Required – e-me for details #
  • Anyone interested in an Oracle DBA gig in brooksville? I have additional info being emailed to me. e-me if interested. #
  • BTW, I don't have any connection to these jobs, nor do I get any money for sharing them. I just know a lot of people are looking. #
  • RT: @Foodimentary September 9 is National " I love food " Day. Enjoy! #HappyBDay2Me #
  • @surachart dba gig is a job in brooksville, fl. working for swiftmud, r month (extendable) contract. in reply to surachart #
  • Blog Talk: Comment by "Jay Pram" on Free Database Design Tools #
  • Blog Talk: Comment by "Arun S" on Free Database Design Tools #
  • Obama makes me want to vomit. Just a little. In the back of my throat. Of course, bush jr made me want to puke on my shoes, so meh. #
  • @jpiwowar heh. didn't think about it like that but you're right. in reply to jpiwowar #
  • Heard a new term today; kanukistan- derogatory term for, apparently, socialist canada. Everybody gotta hate somebody, I guess. #
  • So true, professionally and personally: We often don't see things as they are, we see them as we are. (Via @divorce_care) #
  • Blogged "PL/SQL Anonymous Blocks (in DB2 9,7)" #

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