Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-30

  • DB Geek says: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-23 #
  • Just want to go on record as saying Bruce Campbell is the greatest actor ever to act. Ever! Just saw "My name is Bruce." #
  • I'm ok with mock executions on terrorists. I just think that when we do them, we use real bullets. #
  • I came in at 6 today to beat the first day of school trafic. Kind of glad I did after seeing some of the traffic reports. #
  • WB Park Blvd @ 49th closed, 1 lane SB 19 @ Moog blocked,crash Brandon Blvd @ Gronto, 1 ln Skyway bridge NB debris in rd via @tampabaytraffic #
  • Blog Talk: Comment by frank on Learn Oracle – What is Oracle? #
  • @surachart You're doing it. You're learning, improving and sharing. You ARE an expert. #
  • Finally hit the 220s. Weighed in 229.4 today. Seems like it's taking a looooong time. #
  • Blogged "hacked in Under a Minute – Wi-Fi with WPA using TKIP " #
  • Blog Talk: Comment by alin acharya on Interesting SQL Question, Pivot 1 column into multiple rows #
  • Blog Talk: Comment by nitu on Learn Oracle – What is Oracle? #
  • Blog Talk: Comment by mohamed mansi on Learn Oracle: The Index #
  • Blog Talk: Comment by Noons on Feed a nerd, starve a geek #

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