IBM offers a new PL/SQL IDE

Well, it’s not exactly new. It’s a product called Optim Development Studio. This product used to be called Data Studio Developer and also sometimes refered to as DB2 Data Studio.

Yes folks, IBM has joined the PL/SQL band wagon. With DB2 9.7, you can now develop PL/SQL applications that run within the database. There are limits to the support (inherited from enterprisedb) but it does support packages and plenty of Oracle syntax. I’ll have more on this in the future.

Optim can develop PL/SQL in DB2 but it can also connect to Oracle databases and explore or compile code. Obviously you’ll be able to run queries and import/export data.

In a dig at SQL Developer, Optim will also let you keep schemas and data in synch between an oracle database and a DB2 database.

I don’t see that it is available just yet but you can read more about it on developerworks: An Overview of Oracle Support in Optim Dev Studio

I’ve always said that Oracle created the best database stored procedure language. First enterprisedb and now IBM. Welcome aboard.


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