Guest Post: Using a Degree to Ward Off a Layoff

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Using a Degree to Ward Off a Layoff

Millions of people have been affected by the recent recession and the global financial crisis that perpetrated it. There have been countless loss of jobs, many more pay cuts, and an equal number of loss in bonuses and raises. The outlook is bleak, especially for people who thought they were sitting pretty on a mountain of cash and a secure job. They’ve had the rug pulled out from under their feet and are now not only jobless, but also faced with an uncertain future where the employment scenario looks bleak. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, because even if they do secure a job, it will not be as well-paying as the one they had and lost, thanks to the way the economy is.

There are some people who have survived getting the pink slip though, and others who have managed to gain new employment even after they were laid off. While I wouldn’t say they were successful because they were well educated, there are ways in which a degree could help you get through a lay-off.

For one, if your company is downsizing and if it comes to a question of choosing between you and a coworker, your employers are probably going to go with the person who is more productive and efficient. While the possession of a degree does not imply that you are either or both, if you’re perceived as the type who is capable of learning on the job and of putting your theoretical knowledge into practical use, you may be the one chosen to stay on.

And for another, if you use the time you’re jobless because of a layoff to pursue a degree (preferably one in a different field that could help you secure a job), you’re widening the field of options that are open to you. You may have to accept a lower pay packet and be forced to relocate to a totally different industry, but at least you have the comfort of a regular income. There are some industries that are recession-proof, and your best bet is to choose a degree in one of these.

Another way a degree can come in handy is when you think of setting up shop on your own and using your expertise to launch your own business. It could be a freelance gig or a consultancy operation, one in which a business degree could help you manage your operations, accounts and finances efficiently.

The bottom line is that you mustn’t think of forgoing an education just because there’s an ongoing recession. For all you know, your degree and the skills and talents you pick up in college may be your saviors sometime in the near future.

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