ORA_Tweet Now Does Short URLs

Paul Gallagher, of the Tardate blog, emailed me this morning (or I guess it was last night) and sent me some code to enhace ORA_Tweet.  He wrote a package to call out to an is.gd API to convert a long URL to a short URL.  The really cool thing is that he used a regular expression to find matches INSIDE the comment body.  That means that ANY URLs will be replaced with a short URL, you don’t have to call the API individually.

His API is easily called and can be used for projects other than just ORA_Tweet.  Check out his write up on the SHORTURL package:  Tweeting from your database with short urls

I updated the ora_tweet code so you can download the entire set of code if you would like.

This is great.  I love the fact that someone added some great new functionality to the package.


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