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Hi all.

This post is just a catchup of what I have been doing recently.

I cleaned out my email inbox. I had 5000 unread emails. I have a problem that if I get an email that is not spam but is not critical, I put it aside “to read later”. Sometimes, I actually do go back and read them. More often, I never see it again. I would *LIKE* to respond to every email and blog post that I get. Unfortunately, I just don’t always have time. By the time I do have time, I have plenty of newer posts and emails. So I marked everything read and am starting over. If you emailed me and I didn’t respond (that includes blog comments), I apologize.

I released PL/JSON this weekend as an open source project. It is released under the MIT license. Right now, it is at 0.5. It can generate but not read JSON data. I am working on adding the read part of it. For more info, read about it at JSON In (and buy cipro xr 500mg online out) of Oracle – JSON Data Type.

I also started a site covering open source projects for Oracle. is a FAQ site that deals only with free and/or open source software that runs inside Oracle. If you have a project that fits, let me know and I will add it to the FAQ. It’s just getting started now so there not a lot there. I don’t really like the FAQ software that I am running. I plan to replace it but haven’t decided if I am going to write my own or try something like a CMS site.

An article of mine is currently out on OTN. The article is Twitter Meets Oracle: ORA_Tweet. ORA_Tweet is my PL/SQL twitter client. The folks at ON saw me talk about it on twitter and decided they wanted a more thorough work up of the tool. Check it out.

That’s it for today. Have a good one.


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