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I have been in search of a good PDF viewer for my BlackBerry. I tried out several different readers and even use MobiPocket to convert them. I wrote up my experiences in Mobile PDFs – 4 Way to Read PDFs on your BlackBerry.

In that post, I am review 3 native PDF viewers for the BlackBerry: PDF to Go, Repligo Reader and BeamReader. I am also review the MobiPocket mobile ebook reader. While it doesn’t do PDF, it does convert from PDF to its native format. Finally, I review ShortCovers, a new ebook social network/service.

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For PDF viewing, I found that BeamReader has some shortcomings. While the cheapest of the the three readers, it doesn’t meet my needs. PDF To Go, as the most expensive (by a lot), has excellent performance and plenty of features. Repligo Reader, though at not much more than BeamReader, has all of those features and more. The performance is impressive. For my PDF needs, when I really need the fidelity that PDF provides, I have decided to purchase Repligo Reader. I think it will be a good purchase.

For those times when readability is more important than fidelity (such as novels or extended reading of reference material), I use, and will continue to use, MobiPocket reader for BlackBerry. It’s free and can convert PDFs (and other formats such as Word and TXT) to the Mobi format. MobiPocket reader is my first choice for reading on the BlackBerry, followed by Repligo.

I mention ShortCovers for its social networking features but everything it offers is also offered by MobiPocket. MobiPocket also has an online store for ebooks.

Read the entire post: Mobile PDFs – 4 Way to Read PDFs on your BlackBerry.


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