Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-01

  • @bananakin why no laptop? #
  • New podcast; Aptana Cloud ? #
  • RT @Database_News DB2 Storage Engine for MySQL Coming Soon – System iNetwork: DB2 Storage Engine for MySQL Coming. #
  • Sprint laying off 8000 by march #
  • @bananakin I guess you got an apple with a wyrm in it. ;-) #
  • Home depot laying off 7000, caterpiller laying off 20000 Cnn #
  • US Department of Defense on moving to the cloud #
  • @oraclenerd cloud computing is just getting bigger and more important daily. It’s the new web 2.0 or client server. #
  • How secure is the cloud? #
  • Great article on db2 express in the cloud: #
  • @wfavero what news are you hearing? #
  • @jameskoopmann why painful? #
  • @dannorris Cool. That’s awesome. #
  • Poisonous Testicles Can Make You Sick: #
  • @chenshap congrats on your acehood! #
  • @oracletechnet I wish I was going but not able right now. #
  • @chriscmuir great post. thanks for the link. in reply to chriscmuir #
  • Laid Off? How about the laid off camp wiki? #
  • Been a busy morning, pl/sql proc, team meeting, qa push doc and informatica deep dive. Having a blast! #
  • .net and oracle whitepaper: #
  • So how do you twitterfiends manage to spend so much time ontwitter and manage to get your jobs done? #
  • “There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
    soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order.”
    -Ed Howdershelt #
  • @wfavero hehe. That as my thinking too. #
  • @serge_a_storms I knew I was doing something wrong. :-) #
  • @imjustagoyle that’s true. I’m supposed to be typing as part of my job. I guess twittering qualifies? ;-) #
  • I spent several hours coding pl/sql today. It reminded me why I love pl/sql and being a developer. I don’t code often enough anymore. #
  • @oemperor I’m not much of a coffee drinker but flavia rocks! in reply to oemperor #
  • From DrudgeReport (no lnk, just a headline): PARIS UNREST WILL SPREAD ROUND WORLD, UNIONS WARN. From me, why are they unresting? #
  • NEC is laying off 20000. #
  • @stenvesterli I do it from my blackberry. My code compiles way too fast though. I should ask for harder reqs or a slower pc. ;-) #
  • @fcomunoz No. I’m limiting travel this year. Thank you for asking though. I’d love to visit you guys there sometime in the future though. #
  • 11 Twitter business plans #
  • RT @techmeme GDrive – “Online file backup and storage… #GDrive provides … ( Brian Ussery/beu blog) #
  • A long strange road trip: This is a very cool blog post, kind of surreal poetry #
  • RT @lewisshepherd: Bad News Dept.: US now has a Cyber Czar – and you’ll never guess who it is. Shocking analysis: #
  • @oracletechnet wow. I’ve had a subsrciption, off and on, for 25 years. I currently have a subscription. They haven’t notified me yet. #
  • Very interesting post about how amazon ec2 came to be: #
  • Test #

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