Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-18

  • Windows 7 boots and shuts down much faster than vista. #
  • Netflix watch now works great in win7, too. I was afraid it might not. #
  • I’ve lost my back and forward buttons in firefox though. Not sure what’s up with that. #
  • @fuadar it’s cold here in florida too. It was low 40s today. ;-) in reply to fuadar #
  • @joaooliveira ah. Didn’t know that. I’ll go see if. I get them back. Thx in reply to joaooliveira #
  • @fuadar heh. Oraclenerd and I should bottle it and sell it up north. Warmth in a can! in reply to fuadar #
  • Tampa Tweetup tonight. Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI). It says expecting 123 bloggers. Cool. #
  • The tweetup link: #
  • On my way to mosi for tweetup #
  • I’m at most #tbtweet #
  • I meant I am at MOSI for tweetup #tbtweet #
  • I made it to the tweetup. Science works theatre. I should have brought a camera. #tbtweet #
  • @imjustagoyle thanks. Btw, seating is available. in reply to imjustagoyle #
  • Plenty of alcohol (pay) and free food at tweetup. Music is coming later. #tbtweet #
  • Coming up on7. I wonder if there will be a speaker/presentation? #tbtweet #
  • That was a quick presentation. Slightly longer than 140 chars but not by much. I plan to be a mosi virtual ambassador. #tbtweet #
  • Now it’s time to see the city from the top of the imax. #tbtweet #
  • As I stand here on top of the imax dome, my first thought is brrr. #tbtweet #
  • It’s been fun tweetup but I’m calling it a night. I enjoyed it. #tbtweet #

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