Video Replay of Cloud Computing Webinar

Go to the TUSC Cloud Computing Briefing page.

Stream Cloud Computing With Amazon and Oracle (best viewed in IE)

Download Cloud Computing With Amazon and Oracle (best viewed in anything)

Or view the deck as powerpoint (best viewed in open office or word)

Or view the deck as Scribd iPaper (viewable online in any browser)

Big thanks to TUSC for putting this on and hosting the files.

I got plenty of good questions and was doing my best to answer them but my phone ran out of juice.  I use a landline but was on the cordless.  My desk phone quit working (which is really painful because that is my only speaker phone).

I will probably do this one again after I tweak it to better answer some of the questions I received.  Amazon has also been announcing some changes and I want to update it for those changes.

If you have any interest in a new webinar or maybe even a tele-conference (where everyone can ask questions), post a comment and let me know.


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