MySQL vs Postgres Wiki

There is a new wiki comparing MySQL to PostgreSQL. Because it’s a wiki, hopefully it can be kept updated so that it’s current AND accurate.

The wiki is MySQL vs PostgreSQL.

Personally, I’d like to see this grow into a universal comparison site that the community could keep updated.


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  • lsmith says:

    Not very impressed with this comparision. I think the author tried his best, but simply lacks enough background to make this a worthwhile comparision. The PostgreSQL guys also did their attempt at such a comparison (of course they come with a different set of priorities than the average mysql users):

  • LewisC says:

    Yeah, I agree. I’m hoping that over time it will improve. That’s the good part of a wiki. More and more people can improve it as time goes by.


  • Xaprb says:

    Yes, it’s unfortunately not very accurate either. There are a lot of myths on it, such as Falcon is meant to replace InnoDB.

    Ultimately I don’t think there’s much value in such a thing, even if it’s accurate and balanced. Comparisons just don’t do anything for me. But that’s a personal opinion.

  • Matthew Montgomery says:

    Xarb, Though it is a ways off, when Maria hits 2.0 it may serve as a replacement for InnoDB on the lower end of it’s uses.