Free MySQL Magazine

I stumbled across a free MySQL magazine while reading the 64th edition of Pyhthian’s Log Buffer at Diamond Notes (a MySQL DBA Blog).

The magazine is MySQL Magazine. There are currently two editions, Summer 2007 and Fall 2007.

They’re in PDF format and, at least for a MySQL beginner like me, are very useful. The Summer 2007 edition has a very good “Securing MySQL Server” article. One improvement I would like to see om the site would be to have a table of contents in the HTML. That way I wouldn’t have to load the PDF just to see what’s inside. That’s a minor nit though.


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  • Keith says:

    Thanks for the nice comments. We do the magazine to help out the community so it good to know that people like it and find it useful.

    I will look into the html links. Not sure if that is even possible, but I am not a html expert by any stretch.

    Minimum I will start putting a table of contents in the new announcements I postings I put on the mysql general mailing list ( and on my blog posting that ends up on

  • LewisC says:

    Cool! Thanks Keith.


  • Paulino Michelazzo says:

    I’m happy to found this post but I think that the website is down.

    Someone have any clue about them?

    Best regards

  • LewisC says:

    Timed out for me. Could be a server issue or maybe a bandwidth issue. I’ll try again and post a comment if it’s up.


  • LewisC says:

    Looks like the site is responding again now. I can access the magazines again.