What is included in EnterpriseDB Postgres?

I have had the question several times now so I thought I would blog about. This info was actually covered in the original press release, EnterpriseDB Announces First-Ever Professional-Grade PostgreSQL Distribution for Linux.

Professional-Grade PostgreSQL Distribution

EnterpriseDB Postgres is an open source, pre-configured, certified binary PostgreSQL distribution that simplifies enterprise deployment, eliminating the need to source multiple software components on the Web and manually assemble them. EnterpriseDB Postgres includes a one-click installer that delivers the most commonly needed PostgreSQL components and add-ons for major operating systems, including:

  • The most recent General Availability version of PostgreSQL, plus:
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • Cryptography (pgCrypto)
  • XML Support (libxml)
  • Full Text Search (TSearch2)
  • Database Linking (DBLink)
  • Languages: pl/pgSQL, pl/TCL, pl/Perl
  • Database Connectors: ODBC, JDBC
  • Graphical administration and monitoring (pgAdmin III and phpPgAdmin)
  • Replication (Slony-I)
  • Geospatial information server (PostGIS)
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • They are also offering support, documentation and forums.


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